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How to extend the service life of sunshade nets


One of the main reasons why sunshade manufacturers' products are widely used is that they have good UV resistance, mainly because the surface is treated with spray molding, which can absorb ultraviolet rays from sunlight, reduce the oxidation rate of the material itself, and make the product have good anti-aging performance and longer service life.

At the same time, the low transmittance of ultraviolet rays avoids damage. So after understanding this knowledge, we can know that the performance of shading nets in this area is very good. In addition to using sunshades correctly and paying attention to the method when using them, it is also important to pay attention to reasonable storage when not in use. If the sunshade is no longer in use, it should be cleaned, organized, and placed in a dry place. If used again in the future, it can also be kept in good condition. For sunshade nets with fewer stitches such as two or three, do not pile them directly on the ground due to less shading. They should be cleaned up for easy reuse.

Only by maintaining the sunshade well can we ensure better use of the sunshade, and we must be very cautious when choosing.